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Example 2 - Multiple Feeds

There are no limits on the number of feeds that can be added to the social stream for each social network. To add multiple profiles include the relevant social network IDs as a comma-separated list.

The following example creates a social stream, which combines 3 twitter users, a twitter list and a search into one single feed:

  • User 1: designchemical
  • User 2: wordpress
  • User 3: jquery
  • List ID: /9927875
  • Search Term: #designchemical

jQuery Code

	feeds: {
			twitter: {
				id: 'designchemical,wordpress,jquery,/9927875,#designchemical',
				thumb: true
		twitterId: 'designchemical',
		iconPath: 'images/dcsns-dark/',
		imagePath: 'images/dcsns-dark/'


<div id="social-stream"></div>

The social stream is inserted into the "social-stream" div tag when the page loads.


To set up your Twitter API credentials see Social Networks Details -> Twitter API Credentials.

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